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The term "Jazz en phase" made me think about the different phases of the moon. I can not really explain it but this star seems to be in agreement with the idea of Jazz.
"Jazz en phase"  offers a journey through time (7 months) to explore different approaches to music. An eclectic.
The phases of the moon are benchmarks in time (the gardeners and the sea know something). They are also used to measure it. A complete lunar cycle is a journey in itself.The different phases of the moon give our planet lights, moods, variations, rhythms, different energies.
Rhythms and resonances between the forms have given birth to a world that could be a star in eight moons, a star and moon (with different phases), a meeting among different planets.
Seven moons, two digits, which are the dates (month and day) of each concert.

Graphic designer : pierre kurczewski (studio lesbeauxjours) - France

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