Changing Lines

  • Where Will Happiness Strike Next?  For the past few years, this has been one of Coke's most loved campaigns; and now, Changing Lines and Work Play & Work had a chance to be involved in spreading the fun.  The spirit behind WWHSN is at the core of Coke's global Open Happiness campaign. The brief was simple: Coke asked us to make a film that brings to life '...

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  • Lost December is my brand new photo diary. Check out my last photos at      

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  • Promo teaser for the launching of CL blog.

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  • "There is no place like home" is the first of a series of short films about special places. For the debut episode, I ...

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  • As a creative, my work always involve playing with materials, styles and techniques, with the aim of finding new ...

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  • This project was based on the brand concept “built to resist”, by making an analogy between the Eastpak bag and a ...

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  • Changing Lines was recently established by Pedro Pereira, an art director and graphic designer from Lisbon. For the ...

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