Die sechs Schnitte umfassende Schriftfamilie Barbieri ist die jüngste Font-Veröffentlichung bei Retype, einer unabhängigen Amsterdamer Type Foundry. Erinnert mich stark an den Look von House Industries.

Über Barbieri:
Barbieri is a casual sans type family, based on a German lettering style from the ’60s. The original hand-drawn alphabet was used in a rather peculiar edition of Der Barbier von Bagdad, an opera composed by Peter Cornelius.

As fans of informal typography and popular lettering styles, we thought these few thin letters deserved a re-incarnation as a complete type family. Now Barbieri has 6 weights suitable for packaging, posters, and music covers. It resembles a certain ‘americana’ spirit, though with a Germanic twist.


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