Die Schrift Berlingske wurde ursprünglich von Jonas Heksher für die gleichnamige dänische Zeitung gestaltet. Vier Jahre lang hat er sie überarbeitet und weiterentwickelt mit mehr Schnitten, Styles und weiterem Sprachausbau, nun ist die große Schriftfamilie mit 227 Schnitten (!) und fast einer halben Million Glyphen bei Playtype erschienen.




Aus dem Pressetext: The design is carefully balanced to deliver significant modernization while paying homage to a unique heritage and it is crafted to give a smooth and exclusive look that optimizes the visual experience: providing a clear and sharp readability while being aesthetically pleasing. 

Varius expressions

Berlingske has is origin as a distinctly newspaper typography, where the difference in height between capitals and minuscule has to be significant in order for the text to be immediately decodable. Today the selection of weights ranges from elegant thin to an expressive poster and fits for body text, display and headlines. The amount of styles embraces a wide range of section and subject area, spanning from news, fashion, art, politics, economic, society, culture, sport and to lifestyle. Berlingske is eminently readable and strikingly easy to navigate in while rich in identity and immediately recognizable. 

Tremendous in volume

The first Berlingske design contained 21 weights customized for the newspaper Berlingske in 2010. After further develop with extended styles, language and weights, the typeface Berlingske today represents a wide ranged family with 227 different weights, each with 2100 glyphs, in total 476.700 Glyphs. Berlingske is designed by Jonas Hecksher, Playtype forundry in Copenhagen, and it is so far the largest type family ever designed by a Danish designer.


Berlingske is not only a broad ranged family in styles but is also compatible for 170 different languages, provides coverage for both Western and Eastern European languages plus Cyrillic, Greek, Greek Extended, Latin Extended Additional, Baltic & Vietnamese. The amount of styles and languages makes is suitable for use all kinds of purpose, all over the world.


Foundry: Playtype
Designer: Jonas Hecksher 
Year of Release: 2014
Format: Open Type and for Web
Weights: 227 weights, ranging from thin to black
Price per weight/family: € 50 pr weight



Playtype foundry and online font shop was created by brand & design agency e-Types, as a showcase of more than 20 years of type design – from commissioned works to fonts created out of passion. Typography is and has always been the focal point of graphic design by e-Types. Through many years of working with typography it started to make sense transforming the foundry’s typeface portfolio into a fontshop open to everyone.

Today Playtype is much more – with the worlds first physical type shop and resellers worldwide, Playtype brings typography into the world of design products, architecture and art.

The Playtype concept store in Copenhagen is the physical manifestation of Created as a place for developing typographic products and to provide a street level entry into typography. It continuously features new editions, events and lifestyle products involving typography and it creates graphic installations that showcase artists, designers, photographers and books with typography as a fundamental inspiration.


Poster collection

As a part of the launch Playtype has created a poster collection that displays close ups on selected Berlingske characters. 


Jonas Hecksher

Jonas Hecksher holds a degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design and École supérieure d’arts graphiques et d’architecture, Paris, where he specialized in graphic design and typography design. Heckscher is Partner and Creative Director at design agency e-Types which he co-founded in 1997 and co-founder of type foundry and type design brand Playtype. He is a 5-time recipient and 2-time nominee for the Danish Design Award and has also received 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at Creative Circle Arward. As one of the only Danish designers he have been nominated for a Silver award at the British D&AD and was selected for the D&AD annual 2003. He has also been awarded a Distinctive Merit from Art Directors Club N.Y., a certificate of excellence in type design from Type Directors Club N.Y. In 2014 he was honoured with Knud V. Engelhardt’s Memorial Award. Furthermore he has received a 3-year work grant from Danish Arts Foundation and has been ranked among Denmark’s 100 most talented people under the age of 35 by Denmark’s leading business weekly.