Boxhorn Magazine 34


The german University of Arts in Aachen has recently published the 34th edition of the University’s local design magazine named Boxhorn. This issue analyses the responsibilities of designers in today’s complex society. Slanted has started a lottery giving away five copies. Congratulations to the winners!

Watch the Making-Of-Video here.

Boxhorn Ausgabe 34 – Verantwortung im Design

Publisher: FH Aachen – FB04
Project support: Prof. Dipl. -Des. Ilka Helmig
Concept, design and implementation: Robert Franke, Janusz Kendel, Laurenz Michaelis, Henry Monse, Carlotta Piontkowitz, Christine Siebert, Paul Theisen
Published: July 2018
Pages: 256 pages
Dimensions: 210 × 280 mm
ISSN: 1864 - 2535
Price: 12,– Euro
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Boxhorn Magazin 34 Boxhorn Magazin 34 Boxhorn Magazin 34 Boxhorn Magazin 34 Boxhorn Magazin 34Boxhorn Magazin 34