Dodo Magazine


Dodo präsentiert sein neues Magazine. Ein spannendes Projekt zum Entdecken. 

Welcome back to Dodo.
The magazine that is a treehouse.

Somewhere in the world, on a buried chest, there is the most exclusive magazine in the world. If you want the only copy; get the map, follow the way, and when you think you are on the exact spot, dig in until you find the chest. Inside you will find a story to read by the fire, unsolved mysteries, a trip to the past, an interview with a meteorite searcher, a guide to survive a dinosaur, a concoction recipe, a poster, stickers, plant seeds etc...




Dodo is a project with no advertising or budget, and has been conceived by the selfless collaboration of almost forty collaborators from all over the world. If you are a true adventurer, find the map on the 5th of April on or Online magazine coming soon after the chest has been found.

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