Dutch Graphic Design Summer School Open Set / Verlosung


Mit dem diesjährigen Thema “Social Game” lädt die Dutch Graphic Design Summer School OPEN SET zu einer zweiwöchigen Workshopreihe vom 28. Juli bis 9. August 2014 unter Leitung von niederländischen und internationalen Grafikdesignern ein.

Bewerben kann man sich mit einem Portfolio bis zum 1. Juni 2014 unter Slanted verlost einen Platz für einen Workshop bei Andy Altmann, Andreas Gysin, Jan van Toorn, Annelys de Vet, Latitudes, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Karel van der Waarde, Richard Vijgen, Trapped in Suburbia oder Felix Janssens. Um an der Verlosung teilzunehmen, schreibt eine Email mit dem Betreff “Open Set” und der Angabe eures Lieblings-Workshops an Die Verlosung endet am Mittwoch, 30.04.2014 um 11 Uhr. 

Pressetext: The 2014 edition of Open Set under the theme “Social Game” centers on the role of the designer in processes of public engagement with cultural production and distribution. The processes we address and their consequences are directly connected to current global economical, technological, and social change. The rise in new creative and decentralized forms of economy is reshaping working design conditions and relations with clients and end users. We see that we are part of a new type of cross-disciplinary collaboration, which deals better with the complex and ever-changing requests from the public. Working in an era of technological boom, therefore, requires increased attention to the digital medium and the ability to adapt and build our own design tools.

This societal context positions the designer not as executor or producer, but as creator of strategies, facilitating the conditions for social processes and even provoking new ones. Open Set examines this theme by focusing on existing reactions from the creative industry to new social requirements—a focus informed by designers who create participatory and interactive experiences, act as journalists building visual stories, and initiate social processes and digital platforms.

OPEN SET Dutch Graphic Design Summer School


Kunstblock, Rotterdam

bis 01.06.2014

Preise (reduziert bei einer Anmeldung bis 01.05.2014): 
3 Workshops: 900€ (800€)
1 drei-Tage Workshop: 350€ (300€)
1 ein-Tag Workshop: 120€ (100€)

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