Font Catalogue – Recueil Typographique

Atelier télescopique feiert zwanzigstes Jubiläum

Zum zwanzigsten Jubiläum wünschen wir dem Atelier télescopique alles Gute! Zur Feier des Ehrentags sind in diesem wunderschönen Katalog, alle seit 1998 erschienenen Schriften auf feinstem Papier von Antalis mit den aufwendigsten Druckfarben, zelebriert worden. Alle Schriften aus dem Katalog sind hier zu sehen.

This type book, published for the Atelier télescopique* twentieth anniversary, presents the typographic work of this creative studio based in Lille — France. The digital type foundry AinsiFont** publishes and distributes alphabets designed by the Atelier télescopique designers since 1998.

“Typography has always been an important part of our graphic work. When we started, we quickly began designing our own characters both for our own visuals and for our external visual identity projects. Some of this typography remained in the rough stages, while others were fully completed and were developed enough to become real characters fonts. Most were referenced as titling fonts. Within a period of two decades, we had created about 50 different fonts. We decided to regroup them all under the ‘Fonderie Nordik’ label, but kept them for exclusive use for at first. Due to the large number of fonts, we decided in 2007 to create our own digital foundry, ‘Ainsifont,’ for the purposes of distributing these fonts on the Internet.”

*Atelier télescopique
Stéphane Meurice, Sébastien Delobel, Xavier Meurice are the co-founders of l’Atelier télescopique and its companion typographic foundry AinsiFont. This close-Knit group of designers, based in Lille – France opened its studio in 1998. Along with their groundbreaking work in multiple media – print, motion and Art exhibitions, they also create unique typefaces edited online by their digital type foundry AinsiFont. This same eclecticism can be found in their clientele, which is composed of big industry, institutions and Architects studios as well as members of the culture scene.

Founded in 1998*, AinsiFont is an independent digital foundry that regroups and distributes fonts created by the designers of the Atelier télescopique. (*Originally called La Fonderie Nordik. 1998-2007)

All the fonts used in this book are available on the website of AinsiFontRijsel, Unida, Tomica, Stone-Heure, Fluo, Singolo, Screenex, Rubal Pro, Raoul, Van, Mento and Playtime.

Font catalogue_Recueil typographique

Design: Stéphane Meurice, Sébastien Delobel, Xavier Meurice
Herausgeber: Atelier télescopique 
Umfang: 76 Seiten
Format: 29 × 36 cm (geschlossen), offen 87 × 36 cm (offen)
Druck: HP INDIGO 12000 digital
Papier: Verschiedene




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