Good Type


Good Type heißt die neue Webseite von Martina Flor, auf der sie über ihre Workshops berichtet und auf der sich Interessierte über neue Termine informieren können. Vor Kurzem erst haben wir »VS« – Calligraphy vs Lettering vorgestellt, in dem ihre Arbeiten aus dem Projekt zusammen mit Giuseppe Salerno in einer limitierten Riso-Edition präsentiert werden.

Im Pressetext heisst es: “Good type is a series of workshops with a focus on lettering design. Established in 2010 in Berlin and periodically organized in and out of Germany, it has already welcomed over 150 attendants who want to learn more about typography. Held by letterer and designer Martina Flor it is tailored for beginners as well as for those with previous experience who want to improve their techniques to draw letters.

By drawing a small piece of type, like a word or few of them, you’ll be able to get an introduction to the principles behind letter shapes. Additionally, it can give you a lot of information on your own design process and therefore help you improving it. You’ll walk away from a Good Type Workshop not only with a sharper eye when working with typography but also with a deeper knowledge on your very own way of doing things.”

Na, wer da nicht Lust bekommt den Bleistift zu schwingen …