GRID—A magazine for design


GRID—a new trade magazine that reports on the current events in graphic and industrial design every two months. Changing main topics illuminate current trends and events in the design scene in detail. Interviews with leading protagonists, sections on branding, packaging design and materials deal with the very latest developments. The depth of content of the text contributions by proven experts, a careful layout and the quality of the visual presentation are proof of the high demands that the editorial team places on itself.

Gerrit Terstiege, editor-in-chief, answered five questions about the new publication in an interview.

Why a new design magazine?

The GRID has what we believe to be a very independent mix of topics with which we want to address graphic and product designers alike. Of course, this spectrum also includes web design and design management. Our three core values are quality, internationality and topicality—presented in a very clear and contemporary layout that Mario Lombardo developed for us.

Of course, that’s obvious, but why did you choose the name “GRID?”

The name was developed by the Peter Schmidt Group in Frankfurt, in addition to the logo and our appearance, and stands for our main target groups. As you know, grids are the basis of many designs in today’s design processes, they lie in the background, so to say. And we want to inform our readers precisely about the background of the design.

How many people are you in the team, who takes care of what?

Jochen Schnekenburger is our art director, Anna Bejar our head of text and Lilith Höger our editorial intern. At the editorial office in Freiburg, we are currently a small team, which is to be expanded and supported by numerous colleagues in Munich. In January, an editor will be hired, and we are already looking forward to receiving applications!

Which topics will await the reader in the current and coming issues?

The current issue is dedicated to the range of topics Start/New Start. We introduce Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister’s new business partner, interview Braun’s chief designer Oliver Grabes and Manfred Gotta, one of the most renowned name developers. Thomas Edelmann interviewed Dutch designer Marije Vogelzang, who left her restaurants to devote herself entirely to design work. And Erik Spiekermann writes about founding agencies. GRID 2 is about new color strategies—we bring interviews with Hella Jongerius and Naoto Fukasawa, present an armchair by Patricia Urquiola recently presented in Paris and show the new concrete furniture by Matali Crasset. More will not be revealed yet!

What do you want for the future of GRID?

Of course we hope that the magazine will establish itself on the market and find as wide a readership as possible. Now we are curious about reactions—the first feedback has been very positive, which we are happy about. But nothing is set in stone—a design magazine must be able to change in order to remain up-to-date and attractive. And we are still at the beginning.

The main topic of the first issue is “Start.” And the name GRID is far more than just the acronym of graphics (GR) and industrial design (ID). It is the basis for graphic design. The real concern of GRID, however, is networking: the new medium expressly seeks the interfaces and points of contact between the design disciplines. Practical and pragmatic, economic and strategic aspects of design are in the focus.

You can read about this in the first issue:

– A making-of article on the ingeniously simple stacking chair of the Bouroullecs for the University of Copenhagen
– An extensive portrait of the New York graphic designer Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister’s new business partner.
– A critical essay by the renowned design theorist Gui Bonsiepe
– A pointed text by Erik Spiekermann on the subject of founding agencies
– An interview with chief designer Oliver Grabes about the new direction of the Braun design team


Magazine for Design / Graphic + Industrial Design

Chief editor: Gerrit Terstiege
Editorial Design: Mario Lombardo
Publisher: Detail-Verlag, Munich
Frequency of publication: 6 x per year
Publication: November 2012
Language: Germa
Scope: 116 pages
Price: 15,50 Euro
ISSN: 2195-3015

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