Happy Birthday, Mr. John Cale!


… comes the painter: John Cale taking up Pablo Picassos pose as depicted in a photograph by Arnold Newman. »Pablo Picasso« is one of Cales much praised Cover-Versions (original by The Modern Lovers), among them Hallelujah (original by Leonard Cohen), the most influential cover-version of that particular song, Heartbreak Hotel (by Elvis Presley), Memphis (by Chuck Berry). In return a big part of the John Cale Tribute is made up of cover songs from John Cale Originals and Cale inspired compositions.


John Cale, legendary musician and producer, co-founder of the band Velvet Underground, and »the most underappreciated musician on planet earth« according to the Fanpage »I bet I can’t find 100.000 people who know John Cale!« ( has turned seventy today. Last year saw him heavily touring ( and releasing an EP with 5 new songs, called »Extra Playful« that lives up to exspectations.


Fans from all over the world have joined forces in the John Cale Tribute, a facebook-group initiated by Elisa Medeiros (Brazil) and Carmen Bla (Germany), organised and held together by Carmen, to express a Happy Birthday and Thank You to John Cale by a cover of a John Cale song, a song/composition inspired by John Cale, a poem, a write-up, a video, a public confession, a painting, a drawing, a photo. 

The contributions, most of them created in the last few weeks, are now accessible via



This is heart-melting Pop: Putting out a five-track Album that sounds fresh and agitated at the age of 69: John Cales Extra Playful EP on Domino Records ( 

»I’m bent on proving that you can make living as musician and not die young and crazy – like Mozart.« (John Cale)


The Tribute Song-Set of John Cale Originals, covered by Fans from all over the world and Cale inspired compositions can be found here:


in alphabetical order:


“A Man in a Velvet” John Guiller H. Abarcar (Philippines)

“Andalucia”  Iñaki García Galera (Spain)

“Barracuda” Andre Perkowski (USA)

“Big White Cloud” Arnold Kasar (Germany)

“Big White Cloud” Louis F. Schürmann (Germany)

“Big White Cloud” Mike Shoun (USA)

“The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All” Christopher James (USA)

“Captain Hook” Khoral (France)

“Chorale” Liz Ireland (USA)

“Dying on the Vine” Garden With Lips (France)

“Dying on the Vine” A.ndrea L.ange

“Endless Plain of Fortune” (Instrumental) Jay Jay Walton

“Fear is a Man’s Best Friend” Tom Siler & Joan Vorderbruggen (USA)

“Fish Outta Water” Siadwel Price (UK)

“Fish out of the Water” Siadwel Price (UK)

“Ghost Story” Elisa Meideiros (Brazil)

“Guitar Trio” Rhys Chatham (France)

“Gun” Electric Angels with Dan Zedek (UK/USA)

“Gun Time Stretch” Stereo Surrealist (UK)

“I Keep a Close Watch” Jacques Mees (Netherlands)

“Leaving it up to you” Jonathan Kade (USA)

“Little Rhythmic Midnight Snacks” Secret Screwdriver Revival (Germany)

“Only Time Will Tell” deerfrance & Extra Virgin Mary (USA)

“Paris 1919” Jane Gilday (USA)

“Paris 1919” (instrumental) Jane Gilday (USA)

“Paris 1919” Niteflights (UK)

“Turn the Lights on” Robert Torbica (Canada)

“Sanities” R. P. Inverarity (USA)

“Satisfied” Robert Torbica (Canada)

“Set Me Free” Siadwel Price (UK)

“Ski Patrol” Sheer Weight of Traffic (UK)

“Suo Gan” (Instrumental) Siadwel Price (UK)

“Sunday Morning” Hans Schumacher (Germany)

“You Know More Than I Know” Hans Schumacher (Germany)


Photo: Ric Bower |


Q. Was Lou Reed the coolest guy in the Velvets?

A. No.



Happy Birthday, Mr. Cale!


(John Cale Quotes from Hans Werksmans John Cale site »Fear is a Mans best friend« )


   (Logo by Barbara Uhle & Carmen Bla)