ISIA Urbino Type Design Week 2016


Vom 25. bis 30. Junli 2016 findet in Urbino (Italien) zum 6. Mal die ISIA Urbino Type Design week mit Fred Smeijers, Eric Kindel, Jonathan Pierini und Riccardo Olocco als Workshopleiter statt. Der einwöchige Intensivkurs in Schriftgestaltung richtet sich an Studenten und Profis aus den Bereichen Grafikdesign und/oder Typografie mit Interesse an Schriftgestaltung.

Bis zum 05. Juni kann man sich mit Lebenslauf und Portfolio als PDF per Email bewerben. Mehr Infos unter www.isiaurbino.net/typeweek

Period: July 25 / 30
Costs: 550€
Deadline: June 05

Launched in 2011, the ISIA Urbino Type Design week is a one-week intense course in typeface design, held at the ISIA – High Institute for Applied Arts in Urbino, Italy.

Fred Smeijers – a reference name in the world of type design – will be, once again, the Type Week’s guest tutor. The 2016 Type Week sets to further explore the unconventional approach to type design applied in the last two editions, which resulted in a unique experience in learning about type. The practical start and introduction to type design are based on a teaching method developed by Smeijers, in which stencils play a central role.

Next to Fred Smeijers, last year’s Type Week saw the participation of Eric Kindel, who complemented the program with several lectures on the history and evolution of stencil type. This year, Eric will join the teaching team – Fred Smeijers, Jonathan Pierini, and Riccardo Olocco – for the entire course duration.

The course will start on Monday, July 25, ending on Saturday morning, July 30 on the premises of ISIA, a spectacular former convent in the heart of the Renaissance town of Urbino. We’re looking for students and professionals in the field of graphic, typographic, and typeface design with a passion for type.

The ISIA Type Design Week 2016 is lead by Fred Smeijers with Eric Kindel, Jonathan Pierini and Riccardo Olocco.