Kurzporträt über Sergi Sanchez


Sergi Sanchez ist ein spanischer Illustrator und Filme-Macher. Er hat bei Fabrica, dem Benetton Research Center, die Facetten der Welt des Designs und der Animation kennen gelernt und dort vielfältige Arbeiten entwickelt.

Beispielsweise konzipierte er Kommunikationskampagnen für Killer Loop, Benetton, Reporters without borders, 55 DSL, ICN (international council of nurses) oder arbeitete mit dem italienischen Wochenmagazin «Internationale» zusammen.

2005 zog Sanchez nach Barcelona um dort bei dem Magazin »The creator magazine studio« als Art Director zu arbeiten.

Ein Jahr nachdem er seine Karriere als Freelancer begann, fing er an, mit vielen Werbeagenturen auf der ganzen Welt zusammen zu arbeiten. Darüber hinaus arbeitete er für die Italienische Filmproduktionsfirma Mercurio cinematografic und machte Projekte für durex, sundek oder BMW.

Seine Arbeiten wurden in Magazinen wie vorn magazine, colors magazine, experimenta oder Luerzers Archive veröffentlicht (und nun auch hier).

// Can you give us some informations about yourself and/or the agency where you work?
I’m a 29 years old spanish guy full of enthusiasm and desire to know more things about world and express all that I can understand with my ideas and my aesthetic point of view. I been working as a freelance for some years and now I team up with upperorange agency with a fruitful prospects.

// Which path do you follow in Graphic Design/Illustration? How would you describe your style? What are your strength?
I always fix my attention on taking care of the composition, been an illustrator throughout the time I consider that it helps a lot, the way you organize the layout and combine the different elements on the paper. I remember some cool covers from my childhood as an example of it that still in my mind as a good reference, “the spitrit” covers from will eisner.
…about my strength I’m not so sure but it could be my patient mood, I can stay on my desk for hours without notice the pass of the day till I reach the right version of my drawings…or till someone scares me from behind with a cup of tea.

// Where do you work?

Wherever place with a good internet connection can help a lot to become my “atelier”, but mostly I work at home with my big table and all the cables surrounding me and good cafe/tea smell in the air.

// What signification has design for you?
Design is the way we can summarize ideas and culture in a visual way… the more we develop the visual culture the most we can communicate more and more and it will become more complex and exciting.

// Could you give us a small discription of your work?
Fantasy routine with a daily life humor.

// Why did you do this work? How did you come up with such an idea? What´s behind all this?
I do it cos i like it, i think about what is surrounding us and filter it with my opinion, at least I guess it is part of my sociologist manners to be. to observe, analyze and draw some conclusions.

// What would you like to achieve with your work?
I would like to travel around the world and meet interesting people to make more projects and learn from it.

// What/Where would be the ideal application method?
Don’t know, cos always it’s a different method for each project (cos people are different and they have different approach for design or creativity). In general I found it interesting when the empathy starts between people who share a project, thats the point when everything start working out.

// Do you work directly, just like that on your project? Or is there a long conception phase?
Depends on the project and the intention of it. When i do part of my work as a personal stuff I feel really free to draw what I like to talk or represent in that moment. Commissioned works changes all this process cos it needs more conception and a specifics steps to follow slowly till you got the right way (mostly in adverticing).

// What inspires you?
The daily cereal/cookies packaging for breakfast, Matt Groening, old cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Peter Bagge, great bands like beatles, the smiths, the thousand youtube videos that friends send me everyday and a skate afternoon.

// Do you have a model? What is interesting about this person for you? Which one of his/her works do you like?
I don’t have a precise model, but i quiet like artists that combine the sensibility of illustration field and a good design like Milton Glaser from the push pin studio.

// What are your plans for the future?
I would like to make my own exhibition showing all my work and start working together with my friend Stefan Rauter in a project called “digital handwork”, hope it happens very soon.

Thank you for the interview, Sergi.
Please, keep us informed about your project!

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