Miss Swiss. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books


Am 8. Juni um 18 Uhr beginnt die Ausstellung ‘The Most Beautiful Swiss Books’ in Warsaw.

Presstetext: One of the most interesting competitions of its kind in the world, ‘The Most Beautiful Swiss Books’ was initiated by the outstanding Swiss typographer, Jan Tschichold, seventy years ago.

Every year an international jury votes on the books submitted, taking into account criteria such as overall concept, visual form and typographic layout, typesetting and print quality, binding, or choice of paper. In recent year, there has been a particular focus on the ingenuity and innovation of the design solutions implemented in the publication. 
A book is considered ‘Swiss’ when it has been designed by a Swiss designer, its publisher is based in Switzerland, or the book was printed there.

The Miss Swiss exhibition features books awarded in the competition’s 2010 and 2011 editions. Most of these are art-related publications, presenting artistic projects, or artist’s books. Art is a field where an innovative approach to book design, modern typographic solutions, and a skilful use of cutting-edge printing and binding technologies feel particularly at home.

The exhibition – which continues Piktogram/BLA’s preoccupation with publishing, printing, recording, and distribution, and which again has the form of a bookstore-cum-exhibition, or, rather, exhibition-cum-bookstore – is accompanied by a catalogue specially created for the occasion by Fontarte Editions.

The project has been co-financed by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for Culture.

The project has been co-financed by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for Culture.

curated by Fontarte & Michał Woliński.