Porto Design Summer School 2016


Zum vierten Mal findet dieses Jahr die Porto Design Summer School statt, zu der Jessica Helfand, Hamish Muir und Andrew Howard von dem Gast-Tutor Adrian Shaughnessy unterstützt werden. Bis zum 23. Mai können sich Interessierte aus aller Welt bewerben.

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Pressetext: About to embark on our fourth edition, one of the aspects of the Porto Design Summer School with which we are the happiest is its truly international nature. Over the past three editions we have welcomed participants from all over the world. They have included design students at the beginning of their journey to experienced professionals, all looking to expand their outlooks and take a break from their routines.

In the first and third editions the core tutor team, which consists of Jessica Helfand, Hamish Muir and Andrew Howard, was joined by a guest tutor. In the first edition by Jonathan Barnbrook, and in the most recent by Professor George Hardie. This year we are delighted to welcome another long-time colleague, Adrian Shaughnessy.

Devised by Andrew Howard, and with the support of ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Matosinhos (Superior School of Art and Design), one of Portugal’s leading design education institutes, the Porto Design Summer School is a unique opportunity to study graphic design within the setting of one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities. In fact the city is quite the star of the course in many ways, both in terms of visual inspiration (the city’s rare heritage in vintage shop signage and other forms of vernacular lettering for example) and as a social setting.

The focus of the course is editorial design which includes the building of narratives in a general sense. It’s an intensive but hugely enjoyable two weeks of practice-based work in which, benefitting from the expertise and skills of the workshop tutors, participants will explore the creative possibilities of editorial design, examining topics such as narrative structure, navigation, typographic systems, hierarchy and composition, as well as editing and notions of authorship.

The course sets out a practical outcome for each participant in the form of an individual editorial project that develops personal interests and that draws inspiration from the city. The aim is to expand technical and conceptual skills and thus move participants closer to finding a unique outlook and signature as a graphic designer.

The two weeks culminate with individual presentations of the projects in a collective review by fellow participants, tutors and invited guests.

During the course we visit the city accompanied by local experts, getting to know its history, heritage and traditions as well as its contemporary characteristics. Above all, the course establishes an intensive, creative forum within which to discuss approaches to contemporary design practice, to share ideas and to celebrate our collective interest and enthusiasm.

The course takes place on a daily basis (excluding Sunday 10th) in an unique space situated in the heart of the city, minutes from the central square and the historic riverside area. The programme includes a series of individual presentations by each one of the tutors, lectures by visiting designers, visits around the city, and social evenings, whilst setting aside time for individual project development and critiques.

Course fees include tuition, lectures, individual accommodation, and all programme receptions. We welcome students and professionals alike, and anyone who has a real passion for editorial design.

The deadline for application is Monday May 23rd, 2016.