Progressiva Schriftfamilie


Progressiva ist die neuste Sans Serif Schriftfamilie von Ricardo Esteves Gomes von Outras Fontes, die sowohl für den Text- als auch Display-Einsatz bestimmt ist.

Pressetext: With some unique playful forms and a little bit condensed structure, the family is ideal for texts that require some personality and titles with great visual presence. Progressiva family is composed by 11 roman styles, from Thin to UltraBlack, giving a lot of space for visual variance. Each font includes some standard and discretionary ligatures as well as some alternative letterforms included in stylistic alternates and stylistic sets OpenType features. It’s suitable for magazines, posters, packaging, advertising, signage systems, corporate material and so on.


Foundry: Outras Fontes
Designer: Ricardo esteves Gomes
Veröffentlichung: Oktober 2013
Format: OpenType, Webfonts
Schnitte: Thin, Extra Light, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, extra Bold, Extra Bold, Black, Ultra Black
Preis pro Schnitt: OpenType 24 $
Preis Familie: OpenType 120 $



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