Spot Mono


Die Type-Foundry Schick Toikka hat eine neue Monospaced Schriftfamilie veröffentlicht. Spot Mono hat vier Schnitte mit jeweils rund 946 Glyphen. Zum Release gibt es die Schrift zum Spezialpreis von nur 40 Euro pro Schnitt.

Aus dem Pressetext: Spot Mono is a monospaced type family inspired by contemporary Japanese display typefaces and classic typewriter typefaces such as Courier. It has a monolinear contrast, rounded terminals and simplified letter construction that lends the typeface a distinctively naïve and characteristic appearance. Even though its shapes and proportions are balanced for harmonious and legible body text, Spot Mono is also ideal for big, chunky headlines. Additionally, Spot Mono features a very generous character set including a set of icons and support for extended Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts. More info here.

About Schick Toikka:

Schick Toikka is a Helsinki and Berlin based type foundry and design studio specializing in type design, art direction and graphic design for both digital and printed media. They work in wide range of projects in cultural and commercial fields and collaborate with other studios internationally.

Spot Mono 

Foundry: Schick Toikka

Designer: Lauri Toikka & Florian Schick 

Veröffentlichung: Oktober 2014

Format: OpenType

Schnitte: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold

Preis pro Schnitt: 40 Euro

Preis Family Package: 140 Euro