Meet Swiss Typefaces in Berlin!

Am 20. September 2014 findet das SK8 or DIE Event in Berlin statt. Seid mit dabei, wenn Swiss Typefaces die neue Skateboard-Deck Kollektion und ein typografisches T-Shirt, welches in Zusammenarbeit mit Sang Bleu London Tattoo entstanden ist, präsentiert. Das Event findet von 18.00 bis 24.00 Uhr in der Torstraße 161, 10115 Berlin statt.

Aus dem Pressetext:

SK8 or DIE

At this occasion, we will unveil a new series of 4 skateboard decks completing our Swiss Typefaces Pro Skateboarders Team presented at the beginning of the year in Zürich. This new series will be focused on Germen designers… could you guess who?

The decks will be for sale at the event for € 50 each. If you are unable to attend to the event, you can pre-order yours simply by writing us your choice and address to Handling and shipping costs will be added to the total amount of your order.

Grab your board and make like a banana and split. 
It’s your brush, so start painting the town red
Let your imagination skate wild.
Feel the wind on your face 
And the road at your fingertips
It might take you places you never thought you’d see.
You could find yourself cruising down the boardwalk in Venice Beach
Or selling everything you own and move to Switzerland with only your board.
Skate down to lake Geneva for a summer swim. 
Let your board guide you , cruise like the wind.
Trip with your deck like it’s LSD
It’ll help you escape and expand your mind.
It’s your lover, your best friend
And you’re going to get hurt cause love’s a bitch
But have no fear, that’s what makes it fun
Just get back up and try again 
Keep dancing those paved roads
As long as you follow what’s true, it’s all good
You’ll have a sparkle in your eye
Everything will be crystal clear, it makes loving fun
Don’t break the spell, everyday will be a dream
Just SK8 or Mutherfuck’in DIE!!!

Swiss Typefaces Pro Skateboarding Team photographied by Michel Bonvin.

Sang Bleu Vetements

At the occasion of this Berlin event, we will present a collaboration between SWTY and SBLDNTTT, aka Swiss Typefaces and Sang Bleu London Tattoo. We produced a typographic t-shirt together, part of the Sang Bleu Vetements collection. This limited edition and other Sang Bleu items will be available during the event.

Still from a film by James Adair, directed by Hope Plescia, creative director Maxime Büchi

Our multi-talented friend and partner Maxime Büchi will play music. Type designers and business leaders Ian Party and Emmanuel Rey will be happy to exchange design views. If you already were in contact with us, you probably talked to Daniela, our project manager. She will be happy to meet you and to share some mexican food with you.

20. September 2014, 18 – 24 Uhr

Torstrasse 161
10115 Berlin

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