Textile Summer Camp, Prato


Habt ihr Lust euch fünf Tage intensiv mit der Disziplin des Textil-Designs zu beschäftigen? Vom 3. bis 7. Juli wird in Prato, Italien ein Workshop mit einer tiefen Einsicht in die Gestaltung und Herstellung von Stoffen stattfinden. In dieser kreativen Umgebung werden Künstler, Handwerker und Textil-Unternehmer die Teilnehmer in ihre Kunst einführen. Hier findet ihr weitere Informationen zum Workshop.

Prato and its industrial heritage are of international interest for textile art and design. 
This workshop is aimed at designers and students of different disciplines, and serves as an introduction to the great design heritage of the city and its Textile Museum. It will be a 5 day intensive immersion in the Prato textile district through the introduction of many leading companies and key figures that are actively shaping the European textile manufacturing landscape.

It will include:

–  Practical workshops and expert talks held by industry professionals, artists and designers

–  Guided tour of the Textile Museum of Prato with focus on machinery and production techniques of specific interest

–  Behind the scene access and introduction to the museum’s archive with particular attention to the industrial product of the Prato area Moreover, the Textile Museum will be the starting point of a series of excursions:

–  Guided visits to the local churches and historic palazzi

–  Tours to some of the most exclusive textile production companies and their archives including meetings and introductions to the companies’ leading operatives

We are really looking forward to presenting this inspiring city to people from all over the world.

Useful information:

Duration: 5 days

Dates: 03.07.–07.07.2017

Group: we will be holding the camp with a minimum of 10 people up to a maximum of 15 people.

Cost: 650 Euro (includes lunch and aperitivo!)

Registration will be open until June 15th

Write to: info@lottozero.org

Website: http://www.lottozero.org/summercamp/


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