The Un—known Alphabet – do you know it?


‘The Un—known Alphabet’ was created in response to the daily use of alphabets and letters around us. It has been designed in order to pose questions about our relationship to letters and how we make use of them.

Supposing that everyone of us knows the form and shape of each letter of the Latin alphabet, the ‘Un—known Alphabet’ has been designed in order to point out that maybe we don’t know ‘everyday’ letters as well as we thought we did.

In consideration of the highly sophisticated work of type designer– arranging and meticulously shaping each letter of the alphabet– Clovis Vallois thought it might be challenging to do exactly the opposite. The attempt to keep the letterform recognizable and, at the same time reducing the letterform to its basic and most reduced form, can be an interesting task.

Posters are available to purchase for 30 € each, for further informations please contact clovis at [email protected] or visit www.clovisvallois.com.


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