Diesen Termin sollte man sich jetzt schon eintragen: 9-11.3.2007 / Luxembourg / Colophon.
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In Luxembourg, magazine makers, art directors, photographers, illustrators, journalists, brand managers, students and a larger public will come together for a three-day-event.
The objective is for many of the most intriguing personalities in the worldwide magazine culture to interact with interested audiences and players from a multitude of fields and to exchange ideas, experiences, and view examples of some of the best and brightest offerings.
Curators: Jeremy Leslie and Mike Koedinger
An exhibition will present exciting artwork from ten worldwide leading magazines.Two more exhibitions will present a selection of significant magazines that no longer exist, and a special room dedicated to underground magazines.
Over a period of three days there will be conferences and round tables. Each day will have international conferences / round tables with leading experts/ all day long talks / presentation from designers & creatives, designers’ associations and art/design/communication schools from Luxembourg and the surrounding areas.
meeting point and CMYK sofa
In the “Room with a View” magazine makers will meet readers will meet creatives will meet brand managers will meet students. Tasty coffee and fresh sandwiches will help everyone to relax. Participants are invited to turn the pages of a huge amount of guest magazines and discover international (new) titles. Barcelona based CMYK, 1st magazine culture festival, will create their own special atmosphere and invite worldwide magazines to be part of its CMYK Sofa.
Openings, cocktails, parties … enough opportunities to meet and talk.

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