Colors 83 – Happiness: a survival guide

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Die 83. Ausgabe des Colors Magazins behandelt das Thema “What makes you happy?” Von Aristoteles bis zum Dalai Lama – wir alle verbringen die meiste Zeit unseres Lebens mit der Suche nach Glück. Das Colors Magazin enthält einen Survival Guide, um glücklich zu werden und untersucht Ansätze des Gefühls Freude. Ein Handbuch, wie man Dopamine und Seratonine, welche im Gehirn chemisch dazu führen glücklich zu sein, aktiviert. Gewohnt außergeöhnliche Fotografien sind sehen. U.a. von: Boris Austin, Jean Chung, David Hogsholt, Jason Larkin, James Mollison, Jennifer Lea Osborne, Josh Ritchie, Jeremie Souteyrat.

Aus dem Pressetext: 
“41-year-old Ryuchi Ichinokawa from Chiba in Japan rents surrogate friends to people who feel lonely. With his agency “I want to cheer you up”, he employs about 50 people. His clients include girls whose boyfriends are too busy, so they rent an actor to go to the tailor and try on their tuxedo; children who rent parents to take part in the marathons organised by their school, or men whose wives discover that they had been unfaithful, so they present them a rented lover taken especially for the occasion. 

In South Korea, a “Living Funeral” is a therapy in which patients attend their own funeral in order to reconnect with the will to live. Participants dress in a shroud, write their wills, and then spend several minutes closed inside a coffin. The practice helps prevent suicides (South Korea has one of the highest suicide rate in the world) and some of Korea's biggest firms are fans, including Samsung and Hyundai Motor Company, which has made experiencing your own funeral mandatory for many employees, partly to prevent suicides among their staff, partly to motivate them to lead a more gratifying life. 

Marisco and N.H. Flight of the Eagle work at the Bellingham health and rehabilitation centre in Washington, USA. They are both licensed psychotherapists and they are greeted enthusiastically when they stop at patients' bedsides for a hug and kiss. But they are not human therapists, they are actually two extremely hairy fifty-kilo llamas. Nonetheless they get great results in rehabilitating patients at the centre, many of whom unfortunately only ever get to enjoy cuddles and strokes with these cute animals. 

Rarajipari is the traditional “ball race” of the Tarahumara, indigenous Mexican people with a superhuman capacity for running. All along the Barranca del Cobre, Tarahumara will run after a small wooden ball for dozens of hours, day or night. When they catch up with it, they immediately throw it again and give chase. The races take a severe physical toll. So why do them? Research suggests the Tarahumara do not run solely for the pleasure of keeping fit: they may in fact be physically addicted to the act of running and the chemical compounds, such as dopamine,  running delivers to their brains. Which is why scuffling after a ball in the dark can sometimes make sense.”


COLORS 83 – Happiness

Gestaltung: Patrick Waterhouse
Herausgeber: Fabrica Spa
Veröffentlichung: März 2012 
Umfang: 128 Seiten
Format: 22,5 cm x 28,5 cm
Sprachen: Englisch (+ Italienisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Koreanisch)
Schriften: Romain BP text, Suisse Int’l BP
ISSN: 1122-1453
Preis: 7 Euro

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Annette Clavin

Ich suche dringend das Colors #83 - Happiness Magazine zum Kauf. Gerne auch gebraucht! Wer kann helfen?

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