Design that Cares / Project M in Hale County, Alabama


This is a guest post by Arvi Raquel-Santos from Design that Cares:

«This past June, I spent 4 weeks in Hale County, Alabama with Project M, an intensive summer program designed to inspire designers to show that their work can have a positive and significant impact on society.

Before my time in Alabama, my intent was to sell these limited edition posters to raise money to help cover the expense of my trip. But after going through the M experience, I've realized it’s more important to me that talented designers continue to have the opportunity to attend Project M. The proceeds from the posters, therefore, will help someone attend project M next year who might not otherwise have the means to do so. For $35, you can donate and get a free poster to help me pay it forward.»

Schaut euch das Projekt unter an, und hier gibt es mehr Informationen zu Project M.

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