The Okura Prestige Bangkok / For those who need peace in the vibrant chaos of Bangkok

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This February we went to Japan to work on the upcoming Slanted Tokyo issue that will be released in Spring 2018. On our way back we spent a few days in Bangkok, strolling through galleries, museums, temples and meeting people in the cultural field. 

Our time in the city was made even more special by our stay in one of the greatest hotels of Thailands capital, the Okura Prestige Bangkok. Their team of 400 professionals provides outstanding hospitality, comfort and luxury, harmonising the Japanese principle of ‘Wa’ with Okura’s philosophy of ‘Best A.C.S.’ (Best Accommodation, Best Cuisine, Best Service). 


The room boasted impressive views across the Bangkok skyline, looking over the gardens of the embassies of the UK, US and Japan – through triple glazed windows that insulate effectively against sound and heat and substantially reduce the demands upon the building’s air conditioning systems. Even better than sustainable air-con is a refreshing sunset dive into the infinity pool. A thrilling experience, especially knowing that it is stitched to the building with nothing underneath it. 


We were honored to meet the General Manager Mr. Edward E. Snoeks, a Dutch national, who gave us an inside view of The Okura Prestige Bangkok and offered precious recommendations of what places to see and where to go. 


All in all a great stay that we would recommend to anybody who would like to experience luxury, calm and peaceful rest in a city that is going big, wild and colorful more than ever.

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Park Ventures Ecoplex
57 Wireless Road
Bangkok 10330

Public Transport: BTS SkyTrain, Phloen Chit station

Telephone: +66 (0) 2687 9000  
Fax: +66 (0) 2687 9001

Rooms: 240

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