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ROJO® is an international magazine that works exclusively with images. Make your own diagramation without any explanatory texts. Topic is free, always.
Located in Barcelona, Rojo is a printed magazine completely made of contributors artwork. Click_ to find all the information about this spanish project.
For complete information on how to become a contributor, please check_ "Participation" is open to everybody, just respect these following (very strict...) rules:
1 the project must be specific and exclusive for ROJO®.
2 project must be atemporal.
3 handing in a project does not necesary mean that it will be published... many projects do not get published but they are always taken in consideration for future issues... anyway... if you do not get published inmediately... you cannot get mad with ROJO®... bad vibes are PROHIBITED.
The ROJO editions are 5 little books (14X10cm) exclusively "filled" with images, as well as the ROJO magazine. I´ve got the books here on the desk... I find very nice the Neasden Control Centre book as well as the Boris Hoppek one. They are full immersions in the artists work, complete with "backstage" pictures.
Order one copy here.

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