29LT Bukra


Schon allein die Anzahl von 94 Styles, davon 47 Standard- und 47 Slanted-Styles mit einem Umfang von Hairline to Black in Condensed, Semi Condensed, Normal, Semi Wide und Wide, lässt erahnen wie unglaublich umfangreich ausgebaut die Bukra von 29Letters ist. Wenn man dann noch erwähnt, dass sie in Latin und Arabic gleichermaßen gut ist, kann man nur noch empfehlen sich alle Feinheiten hier anzuschauen.

29LT Bukra type system consists of 94 styles, 47 Standard styles and 47 Slanted styles ranging from Hairline to Black in Condensed, Semi Condensed, Normal, Semi Wide and Wide.

It’s contemporary geometric letterforms are drawn with extreme refinement and sleek structures. Its modern simplistic form makes all of its typographic styles suitable for a wide range of design applications.

Corporate identities benefit from the fonts’ clean and polished outlines; while strong headlines and slogans profits from the fonts’ crisp structure. In big size, it works well in display type applications, while in small size it can be applied for short content text. The light weights of the type family give the notion of elegance and refinement, while the heavy weights imply strength and seriousness. Furthermore, the condensed styles are narrow and tall while the wide styles are round and heavy.

It’s a type family with endless visuals representations allowing it to be applied in an infinite number of graphical applications.

29LT Bukra

Foundry: 29Letters |  29LT
Designers: Pascal Zoghbi, Adrien Midzic, Swiss Typefaces
Publishing Date: 2017
Type Families: 5
Total Number of Fonts: 94
Price per Font: $ 65
Price per Type Family: $ 488