Offprint-Reader -slanted


Author: Julia Kahl

Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, London —there are a lot of offprint fairs all over the world where you can see an artistic selfpublishing scene grow and meet. Fresh experiments and ideas can be found from small publishers and in small print runs, far away from mainstream and commercial printing.

The students Magdalena Rank, Anna-Lena Janke, Marvin Eichholz und Theresa Dzung-Tien Nguyen have collected all events to give an overview of what’s going on internationally in 2018.

A very nice project, unfortunately not for sale as it is part of a design initiative at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.


Design: Magdalena Rank, Anna-Lena Janke, Marvin Eichholz, Theresa Dzung-Tien Nguyen
HocUniversity of Applied Sciences Mainz 2018
Communication Design
Inititiativeunder supervision of Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen
Language: English
Format: 22 × 42 cm
Volume: 104 sheets