Phase XI

Eine Expedition mit der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft

Author: Alex Staudt

PHASE XI is a questions and answers game, played out with the cultural and creative industries and intended to design tomorrow’s society and business sectors. Different creative people have spent several months dealing with issues that will be relevant to the economy and society in the future. The project is based on the conviction that this industry has a very special, non-technical innovation potential and that this strength is not only conducive to other sectors of the economy but can also be a catalyst for social change.

For everyone involved, this project was a journey, a test set-up, an expedition and an experiment. The documentary book allows viewers to share in this experience in different ways: you will need both hands to read this book. You will have to turn it, change perspective and change direction. You will have to disassemble and refold it. Maybe you will get angry over this book and be surprised the next moment. In the end, hopefully, you will not only have answers, but also many new questions.

In order to visually and haptically support this experience, Bureau Hardy Seiler, with support from Christian Vukomanovic and Ilina Catana, made use of various papers, typefaces, formats, printing and production techniques. The textual content was distributed together with photographic stagings by Studio Tusch on three thread-stitched books, each section being content-based and thus individually designed and developed by the reader. The three books are combined into a book by an eight-page cover and held together by a slipcase made of two papers. Before the elaborate production with foil embossing, special colors and laser punching could be taken over by the Hanoverian Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei GmbH, the entire book was art-worked in detail by Simon Kondermann and prepared for printing.

Eine Expedition mit der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft

Design: Bureau Hardy Seiler
Project & Editorial Management: Ivana Rohr
Publisher: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)
Client: Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes /
u-institut Backes & Hustedt GbR
Released: February 2018
Pages: 236
Size: 18 × 24 cm
Language: German

If you are interested, pleas contact u-institut.


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