01.04.1915 – 30.04.1915

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Seyyal Carnetto, artistic and executive Co-Director of the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt investigates the political facts of the genocide of the Armenians employing the mediums language and graphics. With the use of the method of “transnotation,” Carnetto in her publication sounds out the conflicting realms of bureaucracy and poetry as well as the interrelations of language and society in a surprising way.

In her book, Carnetto uses a “wordsmith” process. She viewed reports, notifications and decrees from the Political Archive of the German Department of Foreign Affairs relating to the period of the book’s title, transscribed the documents and subsequently cut up and placed the linguistic material afresh. The result is a remarkable poetisation of the raw material. “01.04.1915 – 30.04.1915” is furthermore a significant example for the Academy of Visual Arts’ approach to integrate the tools of design in political and societal questions and implement them as a means for critical perspective.

At the same time, the method of transnotation in the medium of art and with the use of graphic means, lifts the historic and political matter in a surprising way into consciousness. Seyyal Carnetto updates it and requests confrontation with this dark chapter of history.
The documents, that slumber in the archives hardly receiving any public attention, become explosive material. The manoeuvrability and manipulation potential of language become visible. From sober and bureaucratic processes the lifted linguistic material comes to life. No premature judgment but a subtle and thorough approach.


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100 pages



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