Symbolwelt Bangladeschs

Volume: 156 pages with numerous images
Format: 17,7 × 12,7 cm
Price: 19,80 

The mighty Ganges delta, gods and native animals characterise the symbol world of Bangladesh. As Yasmin Karim strolls through the populous country, he encounters not only lavishly decorated rickshaws, but sometimes even a white bull, the mount of the god Shiva.

Delicately illustrated and sensitively explained, it allows a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of unknown symbols of different peoples and religions in Bangladesh. In this book, author Yasmin Karim follows her personal roots and documents rituals and symbols that she encountered on her journeys through everyday Bengali life.

A reference book about the rich symbol world of Bangladesh—for travellers, people interested in culture and explorers.


August Dreesbach Verlag


Softcover with perfect binding

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17,7 × 12,7 cm


156 pages with numerous images