Author: Alex Staudt

Your newest Slanted publication is SPEED and provides an insightful and personal look into the subcultures scenes of of transportation in its various forms and beauty. Photographed by Horst Friedrichs between 1997 and 2018 and in collaboration with Creative Director Lars Harmsen the book showcases two decades of photography on these active groups. The photos are defined by the acute styling and attention to detail that seamlessly transport the reader to a world of cars, motorcycle, scooter, and bicycles.

Publishing house: Slanted Publishers
Photography: Horst Friedrichs
Text: Stuart Husband
Design: Lars Harmsen
Release: February 2019
Volume: 320 pages
Format: 21 × 28 × 2 cm
Print: Canon Europe Océ Printing Systems
ISBN: 978-3-9818-296-5-5
Price: €39,–