27.04.2016 – 29.04.2016

Pure North – A Conference about Scandinavian Graphic Design

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Seit einigen Jahren etabliert sich das skandinavische Grafikdesign von einem Impulsgeber aus dem Norden zu einem internationalen Phänomen, dessen ästhetische Ausdrucksweise die globale Designszene inspiriert und deren Entwicklung stark beeinflusst. Um dieses Phänomen besser verstehen zu können, organisieren Vanessa Schnurre und Michael Haberbosch für die Muthesius Kunsthochschule vom 27. – 29. April ein 3-tägiges Symposium. Es erwarten Euch Vorträge und Workshops mit einigen der bekanntesten und erfolgreichsten Gestalter Skandinaviens.

Pressetext: For many decades, the term Scandinavian Design represents a highly aesthetic and equally functionalist approach of design. This fact is largely attributed to the extraordinary design achievements of Scandinavian industrial designers back in the days. Due to that great past of industrial design, the Scandinavian Graphic Design lives somehow in the shadow to it. But that fact does no longer correspond to its semantic meaning. For several years, the Scandinavian graphic designers and design studios are increasingly causing sensation, setting one global trend after another and thereby are shaping the development of contemporary international graphic design. Their works regularly win the most valuable international awards and due to their unique approach of democratic design, they are influencing the international design scene by a sustainable meaning.

The Master Thesis Pure North by Vanessa Schnurre and Michael Haberbosch deals with the concise development of Scandinavian Graphic Design and enables likewise a fascinating view to the insight of cultural identity. Moreover, it represents contemporary cutting-edge Scandinavian Graphic Design and enables by a combination of theoretical background and stunning projects, a deeper understanding between Scandinavian cultural identity and Scandinavian Graphic Design itself. In addition to the book Pure North as a master thesis, Vanessa and Michael are organizing a symposium on this topic in cooperation with the Muthesius University. The symposium provides to all students and other interested parties the opportunity to gain a personal insight to the aesthetically unique design language of Scandinavian Graphic Design and getting equally inspired by its brilliance.

Lectures, 27th April :

Jesper von Wieding, 3X, Copenhagen, Denmark — Design = Denmark
Jesper talks about the vision to make Denmark and Design synonymous and how Design can enhance people’s quality of life.

Marcus Gärde, Bold Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden — A systematic approach to design
Marcus explains why solving design challenges through ­rational thinking based on a systematic approach can save not only time for the designer, but also work as a method for self development through the craft.

Hans Christian Øren, Oh Yeah Studio, Oslo, Norway — Capture the attention
Hans Christian tells you how to receive attention with a simple poster today and why it will still be an important tool for communicate a message in the future.

Henrik Nygren, Henrik Nygren Design, Stockholm, Sweden — Work, Work, Work.
Henrik gives an insight view to the work he has done, the work that inspires him (and he wishes he would have done) and the work that is needed to make it happen.

Göran Söderström, Letters from Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden — Behind the scenes of type design
Göran talks in detail about the type design process behind a number of ­projects he’s been involved in the last couple of years.

Vanessa Schnurre & Michael Haberbosch, Muthesius University, Kiel, Germany — Pure North
Vanessa & Michael talk about their book Pure North. It is about identity. About Graphic Design. About Scandinavian Graphic Design, a phenomenon that increasingly influences the global design scene with its pure aesthetics.

Workshops, 28 & 29 April :

Marcus Gärde — A systematic approach to designing books
Göran Söderström — Finish the typeface!
Hans Christian Øren — Capture the attention with a personal poster

Grab your rare and free ticket for a workshop with one of Scandinavia’s best-known Graphic Designers! Send us an email to verlosung@slanted.de and tell us which workshop you would like to participate in. We will announce the three winners on April 11th, 11 am.

If you want to be in definitely, get your ticket here: www.eventbrite.de/e/pure-north-tickets



Die Verlosung ist beendet. Gewonnen haben Nikolaus Urban, Katharina Spegel, Sabine Kohloeffel. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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