Arcade Game Typography

The Art of Pixel Type
It’s been a while since I listened to Toshi Omagari’s talk at TYPO Berlin about his research on 8 pixel fonts. Growing…

Neuwerk #7

Magazine for Design Science
Neuwerk #7 magazine has just been published by the MA students of design studies at Burg Giebichenstein at a time when each…


By The Designers Foundry
Designing a typeface can be a long journey, there are numerous fundamental choices to make before and defining the letterforms often starts…

Breakout—100 Posters Book

A Compilation of Experimental Typography and Complex Compositions by Cihan Tamti
As it is a common habitat in the graphic design branch, starting to build a business can be tough, especially while being…

Praktikum bei Slanted Publishers 2021 – jetzt bewerben!

Slanted Publishers hat ein 6-monatiges Praktikum im Bereich Redaktion/Grafik ab März 2021 zu vergeben: Wir suchen eine(n) engagierte(n) Studierende(n) mit großem Interesse…

Leafy House Plants

Reissue of a Botanical Encyclopedia by Benjamin Wurster
Nature is one of the most multi-faceted sources of inspiration that exist on our planet: endlessly complex yet simple, exciting and unique…

Type on Earth

Common Space for Typographical Findings
Everyday life is full of inspiring typographical situations. Especially when you keep your eyes open, you will discover beautifully and absurdly used…


Activistic Typeface by Michał Berger
Last week in Poland, the street protests lived to see their own typeface. On Friday people all over the world followed the…


Unconventional Alpine Landscapes
For two years, with their 4 × 5 large format camera in their luggage, a lot of patience and great physical effort,…

TypeTech MeetUp 20/21

Four Themes in Four Online Sessions
Fonts have more to offer than good looks. Beneath their polished surface is a complex arrangement of data and functions that few…

Vacanza in casa

Go on Holidays … at Home
From Cape Town to Marrakech, Vancouver to Moscow and more, people were required to stay indoors in order to prevent the spread…

Feminist Findings Zine

Uncovering Unknown Histories of Feminist Print Periodicals
Feminism is on everyone’s lips today and we think that this is a normal state of being. We like to forget the…


A Portrait of the Most Powerful Man in the World Through His Own Words
Right on time for election day, studio lindhorst-emme published a book, which could be seen like a summary of the concerning past…


New type foundry specializing in variable fonts
Effective communication is one of the most vital life skills we need to succeed. Conveying ideas, thoughts, feelings, facts and information clearly…

SAMT Magazine

Insight into HAW Hamburg’s studies of design
Visibility, appreciation, and networking. SAMT Magazine shows what is developed, designed, conceived, and implemented at the Design Department of HAW Hamburg. It…


Fermin Guerrero’s typeface has been extended
The story of Brick started back in 2015 whilst Fermin Guerrero was studying Typeface Design in Reading. Visiting London, and walking down Brick…
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