Panama Plus Festival 2015


The Panama Plus Festival is an annual subculture festival, featuring the creative work of various artists, musicians, performers, writers and cinematographers. During last years edition, we already took part as designers and curators for the art part of the culture event. This year, we mainly were responsible for the branding of the festival, which included the produciton of the poster artwork, the corporate identity, a redesign of the logo, ticket design, banner design and so on. Key indicators for the visual identity, were the vivid and colourful character of the culture festival. Therefore we based our design on a variable, playful typography and a simple but strong color theme. The typography can be used as a single item for branding or in combination with the colourful keyvisuals. The keyvisuals were constructed out of circles filled with gradients and then randomly transformed through a coded glitch generator.

Design in cooperation with ZOO

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