Shine a Light Book


This book was published to accompany Shine a Light, the 2014 Canadian Biennial of contemporary art exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada. The Biennial highlighted works of art acquired by the Gallery within a two-year period. One of the most spectacular works in the exhibition was the 124-foot long Leaves of Grass by Geoffrey Farmer – an installation that includes more than 16,000 images cut out from Life magazine.

Offset printing, 264 pages
(20,3 x 27,3 cm)

I was interested in using this work for the cover of the catalogue because of the strength of the work, but also because I felt that it would give the cover the same dynamic, impressive feeling as the work itself. In order to achieve this, I designed the cover as a 4-panel gatefold, with Leaves of Grass featured on 5 sides. This resulted in the catalogue having two spines. As the catalogue is bilingual, I considered having one spine for the English title and one for the French, but in order to highlight the strength of the work and keep the wow factor of the image, I decided to continue the reproduction of the work on the second “spine,” putting the UPC at the top.



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