Warsaw University of Technology


Visual identification for the Warsaw University of Technology was a complex project, requiring numerous consultations and keeping a clear idea and a good graphically concept.

Podpunkt developed identification, which is a powerful graphic language not limiting people, who in the future will be using it. Identity of WUT built with this identification is diverse and allows creative development, while maintaining the consistency of communication.

Strong typographic logo–based on the Radikal typeface (by Nootype)–has been changed by the designer of WUT identity to emphasize the technical nature of the University. Designer of Radikal supported the rebranding, developing consistent with new logo font containing the entire alphabet. That was the beginning of Radikal WUT. Thanks to it each unit associated with the WUT may easily change its identity and enter the unified system of Warsaw University of Technology.

Client: Warsaw University of Technology


Project: Emilka Bojańczyk / Podpunkt+Superskrypt

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