My Letter Friends


My Letter Friends is a friendly discovery book for children (age 4+) and design lovers (age 18-100).

My Letter Friends showcases Annabel Keijzer's love for typography, illustration, color and the love for her friends. A book full of letters, that’s not so strange. But can one also become friends with letters? This book is full of letter friends. Adventurous, shameless, driven, virtuoso, combative, harmonious. The fifteen friends in Mijn lettervrienden all have a characteristic that makes them loveable. Annabel: “If you abandon the rules, it’s quite possible to tell a story without using text. You can even become friends with letters. The colors are extra intense; the book is printed in no less than 7 Pantone colors.” 

Years of sketching, experimenting and tweaking were merged into this debut. Annabel decided to self-publish so she could stay involved in the whole process, from color proofs to paper choice to distribution. Keijzer kept working on the book, without the mediation of a publishing house and without funds, subsidies and/or crowdfunding. Since the launch in December 2015, My Letter Friends have step by step started to conquer the world. The illustrations are shortlisted by the international jury for the world illustration awards and have been nominated for the Joseph Binder Award 2016. 

 Unique screenprints, postcards and books are available in the shop:


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