Bilingual Lettering


“Bilingual Lettering” project is a series of Latin-Kanji pairing studies for use in bilingual lettering and logotype by Tien-Min Liao, a New York based graphic designer with a focus on typeface and logotype design. 

 The project website documents 50+ pairing exercises as well as some thoughts and notes gained through the process.

 These pairing examples are not solutions for developing systematic typefaces, but the results of customizing the word “TYPE (type)” and “字”. Since these two writing systems are traditionally written with different tools, and the character structures are also very different, in order to inject the same personality into these two scripts, sometimes flexibility is necessary. Every single pair bilingual lettering is a custom result, so there isn’t only one solution.


 The most important criteria for designing a bilingual lettering is whether or not it is able to express the "the same personality" in both scripts, under the premise of designing with legibility and basic type knowledge, rather than limiting to sharing a "similar appearance."



Visit the project site to read the full essays and the details. 

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