Everett font family


Everett font family
Type design, 2014–2017

Everett is a contemporary and versatile grotesque font family that features an organic drawing and a particular digital flavor. Strong typographic details add a high tension while keeping a reading comfort, finding the right balance between a font that is graphic yet fluid. The typeface was initiated at ECAL and evolved since then. Posters from the diploma are available through Draw Down Books. Everett is available on request. More information in the specimen here.



Everett used in OFFLINE – AW N°1, published by ECAL Editions

Everett used by Chloé Pannatier for Le Cabanon, contemporary art space in UNIL

Everett used by Thomas Le Provost in OMENS publication

Everett used by Stille Studio for the Department of Architecture of the Hong Kong University (HKU)

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