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Con­cept | Characteristics

“Hand Sketch Rough Pos­ter” is a hand­made, rough and dirty sans-serif dis­play font for deco­ra­tive head­line sizes. Hand drawn. A–Z (× 2), a–z (x 2) and 0–9 (x 4) are each many dif­fe­rent forms. Con­text­ual alter­na­tes. Is inten­ded to show the hand-made cha­rac­ter and the vibrancy of the dis­play font. The dif­fe­rent forms of rough­ness crea­tes a live­li­ness in the typeface.

Stan­dard liga­tures like ae, oe, AE, OE, ff, fl, fi, fj, ffl, ffi, ffj and more deco­ra­tive liga­tures like CT, LC, LE, LH, LI, LO, LU, LY, TOO, TC, TE, TH, TU, TZ and ch, cl, ck, ct, sh, sk, st, sp, espe­cially BPM, fff, ppp, sfz and many more … plus Ver­sal Eszett (Capi­tal Let­ter Dou­ble S) give the font more life and shows that des­pite their retro-looks works with modern Open­Type tech­no­logy (type the word note for the sym­bol ♫ and the word love for the ding­bat ❤ … ). Sym­bols like play, stop, eject, for­ward, back­ward, skip, pause and so on. The topic for the dis­cre­tio­nary liga­tures and the sym­bols are music.

Have fun with this font – turn up the volume!

App­li­ca­tion Area

The ruff font would look good at head­lines. Turn up the volume – set it big! Edi­to­rial Design (Maga­zine or Fan­zine) or Web­de­sign (Head­line Web­font for your web­site), party flyer, movie pos­ter, music pos­ter, music covers or webbanner …

Tech­ni­cal Specifications
■ Font Name Hand Sketch Rough Pos­ter
■ Font Weights Regu­lar

■ Font Cate­gory Dis­play for Head­line Size
Font For­mat OTF (Open­Type Font for Mac + Win)
■ Glyph cover­age 560
■ Lan­guage Sup­port Basic Latin/English let­ters, West Euro­pean Diacri­tics, Cen­tral Europe, Bal­tic, Tur­kish, Roma­nian
■ Spe­cials alter­na­tive let­ters, 2 sty­listic sets, con­text­ual alter­na­tive via Open­Type Con­text­ual Fea­ture, 146 kerning pairs, stan­dard & dis­cre­tio­nary liga­tures, ding­bats & sym­bols, accents & €
■ Design Date 2015
■ Type Desi­gner Manuel Vier­gutz
■ License Desk­top license, Web license, App license, eBook license, Ser­ver license

DOWNLOAD | FONT | TYPEFACE | Hand Sketch Rough Pos­ter
➡ http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typographicdesign/hand-sketch-rough-poster/




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