Cera Brush


Cera Brush a hand-crafted, brush-made geometric font with high-res details.

Focused on the extremes, black and thin weights, Cera Brush was carefully drawn by hand in various glyph variants. To keep the analog diversified feeling of custom lettered text, activated opentype feature for ligatures will ensure a thoughtful mix of letters, numbers and interpunction.
Even though being a display typeface, both weights of Cera Brush include various typographical features like tabular figures or fractions, a wide Latin language support plus useful symbols. Adding contextual alternates, Cera Brush contains more than 1300 glyphs per weight.
As high-res details ensure Cera Brush working in huge point sizes quite well, the typeface is predestined for authentic headlines about cooking, organic food and beverage or any other topic that requires a hand-crafted design.

Foundry: TypeMates

Design: Max Kostopoulos and Jakob Runge

Styles: two weights, around 1.300 characters each

Price: Single weight 29 €, complete Family 39 EUR

Available at:

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