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Germany based photographer Jochen Sand is not determined on a specific discipline in photography. He shoots global players as well as local heroes in Germany and all over the world. His vitae is not the romantic one, telling you that he was given his first camera at the age of seven…

Instead he slipped into photography because he failed in becoming a famous artist. When he was twenty he visited some art classes just to find out that those guys were all into running scissors - shocking! After this he went to Barcelone for graphic design. At that very moment he felt to be fit enough in spanish to apply for Communication Design, he was told that by that time you nescessarily needed to speak catalan to study over there…adiós amigos.

It was NYC where Jochen reincarnated as a people photographer. Overthere he discovered that hanging out on the roofs of Hell`s Kitchen shooting fashion right at that time when Calvin Klein`s Heroine Chic was coming up or ending up on the guest list of Mickey Rourke`s birthday party was much more glamorous than giving a sexy light to doorhandles and kitchen cupboards. 

Though, rejecting an assistant photographer`s job at Stephen Meisel`s studio on Park Avenue was not a good idea! 

It was Christmas time when he switched back to Germany to get things organized in order to heading back to the States again. But after a little while jochen`s girlfriend turned out to be pregnant and he decided to stay and trying to get involved his inspirations and techniques from abroad into local projects.


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geiler scheiß geht mega ab.


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