Viennese housing culture: a phenomenon


Vienna's urban area distinguishes itself from other European cities in 2 significant ways:

On the one hand Vienna features uncountable social housings that originate from the housing programs by the 'Red-Vienna' policies starting in the year 1923. On the other hand there are numerous garden plots that provide the Viennese people with the possibility of all-the-year accommodation since 1992 - characteristics that emerge from the shortage of food and housing at the end of the 19th century. Through coping with this lack of housing possibilities, there was a development of two forms of housing that are an integral part of the city up to this day.

This paper presents an appraisal of those two forms of housing.

5 magazines
22,5 x 30,5 cm
160 pages

© Wolfgang Landauer & Annabell Ritschel


wo kriegt man das?
where is it available?


bisher ist die auflage ziemlich klein und somit noch nicht käuflich...
wir bleiben dran!

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