Designed by Stefan Willerstorfer, 2005–2010

Acorde is a reliable workhorse for large, demanding design projects. It was designed to be perfectly suited to all different sizes, from small continuous text to large headlines and big signage. The typeface’s name is derived from a corporate design typeface, however Acorde is not only suitable for corporate design programmes but for information design and editorial design purposes as well.
    Acorde’s inception was in early 2005 as Stefan Willerstorfer’s final project in the »Type and Media« course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL). It is a humanist sans serif with noticeable diagonal contrast and shows clear influences of the broad nib pen, especially in the Italics. Acorde’s characterful details give it a distinctive appearance in large sizes and contribute to its high legibility in small sizes. It comes in 14 styles – seven weights in Roman and Italic each. While the proportions of the Regular style were chosen to guarantee optimal legibility without being too space consuming, the heavier the weight gets the more suitable it is for headline purposes. The heavy weights are relatively narrower than the lighter ones, which gives them a strong appearance.
    The huge character set contains 925 glyphs per font and covers a vast range of latin-based languages. Various accented letters, small caps, eleven figure-sets, superscript and subscript are all included. OpenType features allow for a comfortable use of the large set.
   In autumn 2010 Stefan Willerstorfer was honoured by winning the Joseph Binder Award in Bronze for Acorde.

Acorde™ is a trademark of Stefan Willerstorfer dba Willerstorfer Font Foundry.

Read about Acorde’s development on ILT:

Acorde is available at Willerstorfer Font Foundry. For more information on Acorde, pricing and available font packages, have a look at

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