Designed by Stefan Willerstorfer, 2009–2014

Sindelar is a capable, contemporary text face addressing today’s news design requirements. Its large x-height, low contrast and robust serifs grant a high legibility in small sizes. The balanced, well chosen proportions make the typeface economic (i.e. space saving) without giving it a too narrow appearance. These characteristics make it the ideal choice for extensive text setting in newspapers and magazines – on paper and on screen (webfonts available soon).
     Named after famous Austrian football (soccer) player Matthias Sindelar (1903–1939), one of the best players of his time, the typeface shares two major qualities with its namesake: their technical brilliance and their way of performing aesthetically to the last detail. The football player’s nickname »Der Papierene« (the Paper-man) elegantly refers to the media too.
     Although optimised for small sizes, Sindelar’s low contrast and robust serifs give the typeface a strong impact and an unmistakable personality in larger sizes. Sindelar’s calligraphic influences can be noticed in the Italics best. The italic letters are inclined by slightly different angles, respecting the letters’ shapes and proportions and resulting in a balanced, yet vivid appearance. Sindelar comes in 18 styles – nine weights in Roman and Italic each. Each font is equipped with a huge character set of about 980 glyphs and various OpenType features.
     The comprehensive specimen PDF gives you an excellent overview of the type family Sindelar. It shows various samples of all styles, the full character set, and informs you of all supported OpenType features. Download the specimen PDF at

Sindelar is available at Willerstorfer Font Foundry. For more information on Sindelar, pricing and available font packages, have a look at

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