Binary 2.0 - Animated Typeface


This time Calango teamed up with Maria Jose Torrero Heredia from Mexico to create the latest addition to the animated typeface collection.
Binary 2.0 includes 105 glyphs and comes in two flavors, a bi-colored filled version and an outlined version. Both are available as an animated or static version.

The animated version is available as an After Effects file packed with pre-animated characters, numbers and punctuation. All the glyphs are fully customizable from one central point. Change the colors, duration, easing and line thickness to create your own personal look. For more info on how to use Binary 2.0 animated, check out the tutorial at the bottom of this page. Binary 2.0 is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5.

The static version comes as an open type family compatible with Mac and PC. Combine Binary Top and Binary Bottom to create the full Binary 2.0 typeface, or choose one of the five outlined weights.

Earlier animated typefaces are:
Moshun & Typogami


See the video here:

Binary 2.0 from Jeroen Krielaars on Vimeo.


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