Shape Sorter - Alternative Prototype


Recent studies indicate that:

"Even if you don’t give your baby that ubiquitous shape sorter, he or she will perceive different shapes on his or her own,
according to a new study."
ScienceDaily (Nov. 16, 2009)

"The brain’s ability to understand shapes develops without the influence of immersion in simple, manufactured objects."
DNA (Nov. 14, 2009)
So what could its real function be?
One problem? one logical solution!
Shape sorter toys are a tool to teach children how to fit in society, reproduce established socially acceptable behaviours, laws and rules.

But what if one problem had a variety of solutions?
What would happen if children were taught, from an early age, that there are several solutions to one problem, different paths to the same result?
Would it generate antisocial behaviour, threatening the order of society?
Would it create a generation of chaotic minds?
Or could it be the first step towards more understanding and open-minded people?
In my alternative prototype to the shape sorter toy the shapes are made out of soft material to allow them to fit any holes.

Tanja Beate Heuser

Toll, haben will!!!!

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