Adobe Remix – Bubble Wall


One of three Adobe Remix executions for the MAX Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas


Adobe invited me to participate in Adobe Remix, and put my mark on their corporate logo by transferring physical effects to a live experience. My project partner Frédéric Wiegand and I created three interactive exhibits based on three methods of staging physical phenomena I discussed during my studies.


The first method of combining physical effects with a specific sign describes the construction of a character in the overall view, by means of the smallest units of a substance or an effect. Based on these considerations resulted the Bubble Wall, with its organic and dynamic appearance in the interplay of time, construction and deconstruction. The logo manifests only for the brevity of a moment in its perfect form, which slowly dissolves and disappears, just to subsequently emerge once more.


The two meters high monolith is able to perform in two different modes; In automatic mode, a pre-programmed sequence of special soap-mixture and air creates the logo out of clear bubbles. Operated manually using dry ice, the logo can be produced with high contrast, white bubbles.


See the whole project on Behance

See the whole project on Behance


Creative Direction:
Thomas Wirtz

Concept & Design:
Thomas Wirtz & Frédéric Wiegand

Film & Foto:
Grown Videoagency

Commissioned by Adobe for Adobe Remix



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