Heimat Didone


Heimat Didone is the high contrast serif typeface family within the Heimat Collection, also containing Heimat Sans, Heimat Mono and Heimat Stencil.

Heimat Didone is a neo-classical typeface family designed for contemporary typography, especially for use in headlines and on posters, but also for reading purposes. It combines an idiosyncratic appearance with the feeling of a grid-based letter construction of the late 20s.

Since the design might be too extreme for some applications, Heimat Didone’s character set provides two alphabets, the regular one plus an alternate design that comes across as less suspenseful.

Heimat Didone [872 glyphs] comes in 72 styles and contains extra sets of alternate glyphs, many ligatures, lining figures [proportionally spaced and monospaced], hanging figures [proportionally spaced and monospaced], positive and negative circled figures for upper and lower case, superior and inferior, fractions, extensive language support and many more OpenType features.

Designed by
Bureau Christoph Dunst

For more informations visit
Atlas Font Foundry

Available at


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