It’s all about the process. Behind the scenes of some of the most exciting Lava design cases.


Swipe through six design cases and unveil the lava signature, the way we develop concepts and how we work with our clients to drive innovative design.

From a business idea to a powerful brand: a step by step explanation

Experience the various ways a design project can develop your business. Our six cases represent design work for clients from a variety of backgrounds: from health care to culture and education to governmental organizations. Each case features a business idea with a unique angle.


Short texts describe the most important design Decisions illustrated with video and imagery are included approved. Hans Wolbers, CEO Lava Style: 'What makes synthesis cases particularly interesting is did so sketches are included Preceded did the final result to each case. Although They did not make it, theywere very important for the design process and the final results. In this app we will tell you why. '

About the app

The app is now available on the App Store! Be the first to download it. The first two weeks the app will be for free.

Link to the App Store

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